"This band has a future because they can see the future. They can feel the future. They pick notes from the air like lemons dangling from trees, they piece together puzzles of rhythm and melody. These empty spaces are all a part of the bigger picture. Infinite potential, sounds waiting to be found."

- Post-Trash


"['I, Banana' is a] sophisticated machine, engineered to turn on a dime without losing momentum. The group chug on amotorik pulse reminiscent of Deerhunter circa “Nothing Ever Happened” before shifting gracefully to a chorus that sounds like Stereolab at their most languid—all before they finally open the throttle and blur through the song’s final minute in a flash of distortion and dissonance.”

- Flood Magazine


With pulsating synths and unrelenting drumming, Operator produce resplendent pieces of Krautrock fandom that flaunt their ability to balance motoric build-ups with chaotic moments of release.

- AdHoc


"Operator [Music Band] is the real deal, a motorik band with a sincere focus on tone, electronic circuitry, and composition"

- Circuit Sweet